internship experience report (3 pages) and internship project (15 pages)

1)internship experience report: the student must submit a non-academic report (portfolio) on experience gained during the internship of no more than 3 pages. In this report (portfolio), the student must reflect on and explain practical, social and other relevant experience gained during the internship (and how it has influenced on their employability). In order to complete the module, students must submit the report (portfolio) on their experience. internship took place at EU-Georgia Business Council and had to do with greek diaspora in Georgia. Among others, the tasks and the assignments include: • Research on Georgian Diaspora in Greece • Migration and commercial relations • Analysis and reports on commercial bilateral agreements • Ethnic and historical Relations between the two countries • Preparation and finding data • Communication in Greek, Georgian and English I am studying ethnic relations and international migration, thus the papers need to be oriented towards the study subject 2) Internship project: The examination consists of element-based project work which is based on an issue relevant to the internship location. The project work, which must be written within the chosen stream of specialization or in the cross-cutting generalist stream and have an international/intercultural perspective, is comprised of three separate elements. 1. The first project element of max. 5 pages must identify issues that are relevant to the internship and give an account of theories and/or studies which have dealt with similar or otherwise relevant issues as well as an initial problem formulation that must have an international/intercultural perspective. 2. In the second project element of max. 5 pages, the student must critically discuss possible methodological approaches to deal with the problem in focus. On the basis of the discussion, students must choose and describe a methodological framework, including description of data and possibly data collection, reflection on methods of analysis as well as possible ethic and practical issues. 3. The third project element of max. 10 pages must comprise the project’s analysis. This project element must be based on the theoretical and methodological choices made in the other two project elements and include discussions of the results of the analysis in relation to the problem formulation.

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