Introduction: Dissertation Preparation Introduction

Introduction: Dissertation Preparation Introduction A significant challenge for many dissertation writers is deciding on a research topic. Many often wonder “Where do I start?” Choosing a topic involves thinking from both a broad and narrow perspective. If you think too broadly you will have trouble achieving focus. If you think too narrowly, the topic will have little value to the larger academic or professional community. To begin, look at the topic from a broad perspective, then narrow the topic to determine possible areas of focus such as specific issues, populations, up and coming topics, and interesting phenomena. As you are considering a topic, ask yourself the following questions: • Am I sincerely interested in the topic? Am I eager to become an expert on the topic by spending months, even years, researching and writing about it? • Will the topic further the body of knowledge in the field? • Is the topic timely or is it outdated and passe? • Is the topic something I can research in a reasonable timeframe or is the time commitment too extensive for a doctoral dissertation? REMEMBER: A GOOD DISSERTATION IS A DONE DISSERTATION. • Is the topic accessible? Will I have to travel far and wide to collect data? • Do I have the money to execute the research necessary to complete a dissertation on this topic? This week you will have the opportunity to share your dissertation topic with your peers and instructor and obtain feedback. Even if you already have selected a dissertation topic, the following resources will help validate you selection or choose a better topic. • Choosing a Dissertation Topic is a video presentation of the wrong way and the right way to make this important choice! • How do I know whether my dissertation topic is achievable? will help you avoid the frustration of pursuing an unattainable research topic. Part 1 – Introduction: Dissertation Topic (***My topic is (My topic is “Working towards determining a target audience on social media, or Effective ways of building viewership on a social media platform” Write a brief biography of yourself and tell your peers about your dissertation topic. Include answers to the following questions: • What is your dissertation topic (or which possible topic is at the top of your list)? How will writing a dissertation on this topic add to the body of knowledge, or add practical value for professionals in your field? • What permissions will you need to access the populations, sites, and/or data required to complete your study? What potential problems might you encounter? How might you address these potential issues? Part 2 – Reflective Discussion Write a reflective statement describing and evaluating your learning experiences for the week. What has gone well for you? What do you find challenging? To continue your development as a fully autonomous doctoral scholar, what is required from you in the weeks ahead? ***PLEASE KEEP PART 1 AND 2 SEPERATED (ONE PAGE EACH PART)

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