in this class, professor introduced Chinese traditional Taoist ideology, there are Yin Yang, Tai Chi Chuan, Stances (movements), Kaimen (Chinese yoga), Dao Yin (breathing exercises), Pushing exercises and Chi expressions (energy work), in general, we practice those tricks every class, and after class, we need to write a learning journal though what we learn, and some enlighten form Chinese traditional martial art. requirement: 1) make sure you read the Guidelines for the essay in Files on Canvas 2) make sure you have a hypothesis or question you are interested in writing about 3) you will have to include 2 exercises from our classes IN DETAIL to explore the question and/or hypothesis that you are setting yourself 4) you must find at least 3 academic references (not casual websites please!), and at least one of these must NOT be on the list I have provided, ie it must be a new one. These references provide you with the context for your conversation about your question or hypothesis. 5) you MUST NOT PLAGIARISE, ie copy from online sources. I found several examples of this in the essay plans and as a result, am not going to have the plans ‘count’ as part of the grading otherwise I would have to report these occurrences to Student Judicial Affairs.

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