Is Habermasian public sphere applicable to today’s world?

You need to write 5 pages to discuss whether Habermasian public sphere applicable to today’s world or not. You need to use the followings reading as your referene. 1.HABERMAS, J. The structural transformation of the public sphere: an inguiry into a category of bourgeois society. Cambridge: MIT Press, c1999. ISBN 0-262-58108-6. 2.MARX FERREE, M., GAMSON, W. A., GERHARDS, J., RUCHT, D. Four Models of the Public Sphere in Modern Democracies. Theory and Society, Vol. 31, No. 3, 2002, p. 289-324. 3.HERMAN, E. S. The Propaganda Model: A Retrospective. Propaganda, Politics, Power, Vol. 1: 1-14, 2003. Dostupn√© z

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