Is violence a necessary condition for political change?

2000 word essay. An important and essential part of this essay is to download or source information from the book- Hannah Arendt on violence 1970. This essay will result in a fail otherwise and the feedback I provide will be 0. You have to also ensure you read the student notes and gudiance I provide. And also source information from the other study materials I provide, such as the audio and video transcripts. This will ensure you sourced the information from the range of materials I provided. Please note: Do not source any other external information, other than what I have provided. Of-course, it would be you that has to search and source for the book/pdf on Hannah Arendt on Violence 1970. This has to be the actual book or original copy/pdf (Hannah Arendt on Violence 1970) you source the information from. Look at the key sources information I provide also, to ensure you comply. Student notes/guidance and study materials other than the book on Hannah Arendt on Violence will provided. The structure of the essay should be: Introduction Main Body Conclusion

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