issue impacting members of the African Diaspora that are not African American

Indigenous African societies consider knowledge and truth as the key factors in living a meaningful and satisfying life. The most common Ewe language (Ewe is a Niger–Congo language spoken in southeastern Ghana and southern Togo by over three million people[1]) word for `to know’ is nya, which has an object nu meaning `a thing.’ Thus, the expression ‘nya nu’ implies the certainty of something known; it rules out any room for doubt. Its primary meaning can be translated as `to observe,’ `to take a look at,’ `to note,’ and `to look.'[2] For the Midterm: Each student will write a three (3) page minimum paper, APA format, that analyzes an issue impacting members of the African Diaspora that are not African American identified (i.e. an issue impacting Black people that do not live in the United States or on the continent of Africa). For this assignment, you will find at least two articles, from reputable sources, that summarize an issue impacting a member, or members, of the Diaspora and examine the issue in contrast to the themes and topics discussed in the course. Additionally, you are to inform the reader (instructor) why you think this specific issue is important to achieve a better understanding of the impact of identity as it relates to African Ancestry identified individuals. Lastly, you are to offer potential solutions to fix said issue. Note: Members of the African Diaspora are Black people that do not live on the continent of Africa. Black people are everywhere! You are not allowed to select African Americans for this project Please refrain from using stereotypical issues such as AIDS, poverty, and famine. Many groups within the AD share similar oppressions.

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