Jaune Quick-to-See, Native American Women Artist AND WOMEN HISTORY

I WANTS YOU TO DO A Preliminary Idea Summary/Works Cited FOR A RESEARCH PAPER, TWO TO THREE PAGES AND HEAR THE INSTRACTURE ADVICES: ALSO I WILL ATTACH SOME IMPORTANT FILES Ideas Summary: (3) page typed summary (do not exceed this limit) of important ideas and connections relating to your selected artists/exhibition (see below) based on your research to date. Begin with a general statement about what you hope the paper will show (i.e., a thesis statement). It is understood that this may be modified as the paper nears completion. Paper topic instructions: Here are some broad possibilities, but please do not feel limited to them. Choose any aspect of twentieth century art that interests you. l. A single artist’s body of work, or one aspect, such as period, theme of her/his work. For example, Cindy Sherman’s film stills or Louise Bourgeois’ late “Cell” works. 2. A specific work, book, exhibition, etc., its context and, if appropriate, the issues it raises. For example, Marcia Tucker’s Bad Girls or Glessing’s Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose: Gender Performance in Photography. 3. Compare and contrast two artists’ treatment of the same theme. For example, how Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans treat social landscape, or how Lorna Simpson and Robert Mapplethorpe, the theme of identity. 4. Apply any theoretical approach – Marxism, feminism, structuralism, etc. –to a group of works. For example, a feminist analysis of how the body is constructed in fashion photographs or how Lorna Simpson’s photographs deconstruct photographic truth. Formulating a topic involves not merely choosing content, but developing point of view. l. Focus on the images. Devote at least 50% of your paper to discussing the selected works and their meaning. 2. Contextualize the images. Situate your topic in a historical or biographical context, or in a theoretical framework. 3. Thesis format. State a thesis in your introduction and pull your discussion together in a conclusion. 4. Sources: Make certain there are enough resources available on your topic before you commit to it. Strive to find primary sources, including original prints, correspondence, writing from the period. You must include 6 peer reviewed scholarly journals and at least TWO print sources (annotated and quoted within the main body of your text). 5. Include images as specified in this handout. 6. Please put your citations at the end of the paper in Bibliography with parenthetical citations in the text.

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