John Locke: The Second Treatise of Government and A letter Concerning Toleration

Option #1 – Locke Prompt: IT’S ONLY THE LOCKE’S ARGUMENT NOT YOUR OWN THOUGHT!!!!! 1. Explain Locke’s argument regarding the State of Nature, State of War and how humanity came to form societies and governments. 2. What was so revolutionary about The Second Treatise on Government? ( use the book THE SECOND TREATISE OF GOVERNMENT AND A LETTER CONCERNING TOLERATION by John Locke) see the book cover : 3. Use chapters 33 & 34 from Gombrich’s A Little History of the World to place the text in its historical context. link 4. Use the PDF that I gave. write ‘notes’ after the line that you will write from my PDF and also use quotations from the book and authors arguments. Don’t forget to cite the page number chapter number from the citation of the book Form & Format: This is to be an essay of 3-4 double-spaced pages. Use only Times New Roman size 12 font with 1-inch margins This is an analysis paper and should not include your opinions or impressions (and as such should not include personal pronouns such as “I”) but instead should be your interpretations and analyses. The purpose is to explain the problem and argument of the author and to find the common themes and to make meaningful connections and distinctions between the works. You should also avoid phrases such as: In conclusion, In summary, This essay will discuss, etc.

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