John Milton's “The Morning on Christ's Nativity”

You must know about John Milton. I have already started it off (400 words), you dont have to look fot sources I have the pdf to my univeristy database reasearch article I can send you. Subject was discussed with teacher. I would like to have a paper focused on Milton’s approach and the development of the poem including the Christian and pagan influences overall. Long Project Your assignment is to write a documented essay on an author or theme presented but not fully addressed by this class. Procedure: identify a question that has arisen for you in this class (or a subject presented in the class that interests you) consult with your instructor no later than November 22 to discuss your topic find out what others have written about it (secondary sources found through research databases) ;focus your subject so that you distinguish yourself and your ideas about the question (avoid simply repeating what others have said) ;find out what other materials or contexts will be helpful for you (consider primary sources found via EEBO-Early English Books Online) ; formulate a thesis, organize your argument, and write *revise, proofread, run spelling and grammar check, make sure you are following MLA style Mechanics: •follow MLA style for format and documentation *length: 2000 words •submit your paper to Turnitin and give a hard copy to the instructor *due date December

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