LP7 Assignment A Four-Domain Model for Detecting Deception

For this assignment read Article 8.1 “A Four-Domain Model for Detecting Deception: An Alternative Paradigm for Interviewing” in your textbook. After you have read the article, write a brief synopsis of the article and answer the following questions: 1. Why is it important to understand “comfort” and “discomfort”? 2. How will understanding “comfort” and “discomfort” help you as a criminal justice professional? 3. Explain how information can be lost during an interview especially when an individual is uncomfortable. 4. What distractions can occur when a person is uncomfortable during an interview? 5. Explain how the different modes of speech can affect the interview process especially when a person is uncomfortable. Your response should be 1-2 pages in length and follow these guidelines: Double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman font 1 inch margins Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

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