Marketing Planning

? You are an entrepreneur in T&H industry. ? We (the class) are your target market. ? Develop a new tourism/hospitality product/service. ? Create a marketing plan for your new product/service: • Market segmentation • Target customers • Product • Positioning and promotion strategy • Pricing strategy • Distribution plan • Financial projections Notes: ? You can offer an existing product/service in a new market (e.g. a restaurant in Queenstown that uses robots as waiters/waitresses) or an entirely new product/service (e.g. flying car tours). Feel free to be as creative as you want, but you must be persuasive! ? New technologies can provide great opportunities for creating new products and markets. AI, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, etc. ? Ideas around sustainability (social and environmental) ? Your presentation should last at least 15 minutes (or 10% will be deducted) ? Your presentation will be stopped after 25 minutes ? Each presentation will be followed by 5 minutes for questions ? Useful links and resources for market analysis:

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