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For this discussion, select a room in your house (not a small room such as utility room or bathroom) and give us the name and dimensions of the room (please make the dimensions different from one your classmate has given even if it means adding (or subtracting) a foot from the length/width). Then compute: 1. The area of the selected room in the house, in square feet. Be sure to give the dimensions of your room (rounded to the nearest foot) and show your computations. 2. Calculate the price to buy and install the following: wood flooring carpet tile for the room you have selected. Assume that the price for wood flooring is $4.98 per square foot, tile is $9.99 per square foot, and carpet is $3.99 per square foot (pad included). The cost of installation is $2.00 per square foot for each of the above options. Show computations for all options (material and installation). 3. When you have completed your calculations, put into the final format specified below: Total square footage of room: Total price of renovation for the option you selected: Which option would YOU select and WHY?

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