Merchandising Business Sector and Inventory Classifications

It is important for financial statements’ external users to understand financial information about a company in which they have stakes. Financial information reported in the annual reports should not be the only source of information to make informed decisions, however. Financial news is equally important. Since we are learning about inventory this week, select a company that sells inventory. In other words, select a retailer. Follow the following steps: Go to Type in the retailer of your choice in the box at the top of the page, then click on search finance. Scroll down to Headlines. Select an article that interests you and that will be relevant to the company’s stakeholders. Then answer the following questions: Identify the selected retailer and news article’s source (for example, Forbes, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, etc.). Summarize the article and explain the implications of its content to an investor or another stakeholder (ONLY NEED 2-3 PARAGRAPHS).

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