MGMT490 – Leadership & Communication Style of Barack Obama

make a critical analysis of his leadership and communication based on the course & book Leadership Communication (D. Barrett) This is a research paper analyzing the individual’s leadership and communication only. this is NOT an essay or biography. This is also not a political paper. The analysis must include the following headings: ? Provide an introduction that includes a brief history (name, birthplace, dates served, etc.) and thesis. In APA, do not use the word “Introduction” for the heading of your introductory paragraph. The words for your first heading should be your paper’s title, and it is not in bold letters. However, each subsequent heading is in bold. ? Leadership Style Analysis (refer to Barrett Chapter 13). What is this president’s leadership style? You may also use a style(s) not discussed by Barrett. ? Ethical Analysis (refer to Barrett Chapter 1). Was/is he an ethical leader? Positive ethos? Provide examples and research to support your analysis. ? Emotional Intelligence Analysis (Chapter 8). How well did/does he handle his emotions and respond to the emotions of others? Give evidence, describe, elaborate. ? Diversity Analysis (Chapter 9). Did/does he embrace diversity, equality, etc. Diverse staff? What evidence did you find? ? Presentation Analysis (Chapter 6). Discuss how well this president presented/presents speeches/briefs. Clear, straight to the point, tactical, rhetoric, gestures, motivates, etc.? ? Internal and External Communication Analysis (Chapters 4, 13 & 14). Did/does he work well with his team, the media, use the most effective medium or forum, has well-positioned communication staff, handle crises, good timing, etc.? ? Conclusion. Provide a well-written summation of this president’s leadership and communication.

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