Migration Pattern of Minnesota Counties

Migration today in the United States is exclusively a voluntary migration related to political, economic and social changes. For this assignment I want you to analyze the migration patterns for 4 counties in Minnesota in 2017. Blue Earth County (Mankato) 2012 population 64,013 Olmstead County (Rochester) 2012 population 144,248 Dakota County (Egan) 2012 population 398,552 Hennepin County (Minneapolis) 2012 population 1,152,425 For each of the counties use the US Census migration map to describe what you see as the dominant pattern(s). Rubric for the paper: Introduction: Introduce your reader to our understanding of voluntary migrations in terms of who migrates and why. Main Part of the paper: Four parts, one for each county where you will describe the main patterns you observe and provide possible explanations. What kind of main patterns might you see? a. Most migration is within state, both into and out of the county, if within state are there any patterns (long distance or short distance)? b. Migration is a combination of in state and some outstate (same instate questions). For outstate is it mostly to surrounding states? States on the west coast? East coast? To other urban places? Retirement? No clear pattern? Conclusion: What general conclusions can you draw about migration patterns of Minnesotans? Resources US Census: Migration Mapper https://flowsmapper.geo.census.gov/map.html# Use the 2010-2014 data set

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