Music Composer Bio

After reading the text pages for the unit “New Ways of Making Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries” found in your syllabus, listen to the examples posted on your textbook site. Then, go to one of the sites below and choose one example of new music. Look up the composer of the selection to which you listen. Write a one page report including a brief composer bio, name of selection you heard, medium and year composed and your comments on the music. Focus on your subjective analysis, not facts from the web. This is your final paper of the semester, so try to use what you have learned as you write about these selections. Email the report to me as an attachment no later than midnight, Thursday, March 2, 2017. DR. HAYES BIGGS Mr. Biggs and I attended graduate school together at Southern Methodist University and still maintain contact. He is a fine composer. Here are some new links to some of Dr. Biggs’ work: YouTube: Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs (2011): String Quartet: O Sapientia/Steal Away (2004): DR. SCOTT MCALLISTER Dr. Scott McAllister is Associate Professor of Composition at Baylor University. YouTube: Freebirds (2009) Popcopy (2009) Mvt. I: More Cowbell Mvt. II: One Time at Band Camp Music from the Redneck Songbook II (2011) Mvt. I: Full Pull (0:00) Mvt. II: In the Pines (2:35) Mvt. III: Wilt (6:15) Mvt. IV: Cage Match (11:00) Jennifer Higdon YouTube: Blue Cathedral (2000) (Start at 4:00 to skip the introductory comments) Violin Concerto (2010) Chen Yi YouTube: Dragon Rhyme (2009) Mvt. II Celebration (2005)

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