one and 1/2 pages on Locke and Plato: Who Should Rule? and 1 /12

1) Locke’s theory of property begins with the claim that the earth was given to all men in common and ends with the claim that men will have unequal amounts of land in the state of nature. How is this possible? Explain Locke’s theory of property and how he comes to the conclusion that land will be divided unequally in the state of nature. Do you think it is just or morally right that Locke makes the unequal division of land a natural right that must be protected by government? This is a comparative essay on who should rule AND the purpose or function of the state. Plato and Locke come to very different conclusions about who should rule. What is the foundational assumption that each author makes about equality? How does this assumption lead each author to a different conclusion about who should rule? Aristotle and Locke have different conceptions of the state’s purpose or function. Explain how each author thinks that the state will serve the people who compose it. Compare each author’s theory about the purpose or function of the state. Do you see similarities? Do you see differences? there should be supporting details from attached readings….

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