Outline of disability policy/program analysis paper

Outline of disability policy/program analysis paper Your paper should critically engage with a disability policy or program, and how it speaks to key theoretical, conceptual and political frameworks discussed over the course of the semester. You could visit and study a disability institution, agency, service provider, or dialogue with a prominent disability activist about a disability legislation (past or contemporary). We should discuss this in advance. Students are encouraged to do observations, interviews, and case studies about some aspect of disability or services to people with disability. This can be done in your field placement agency. Such studies will allow the student not only to exercise research skills in a disability context, but also to learn about how things work in a formal organization serving people with disabilities. Assignment should be 10-12 pages long (excluding bibliography, double spaced). Your analysis must incorporate three-four of the theorists or concepts that we have discussed in the class. Articulate how the theorists you’ve selected would respond to this program or policy. Finally, suggest how this program or policy might be improved with respect to re-conceptualizations of disability offered by the theorists you’ve selected. Presentation of your findings is required at the last day of the class and will be graded.

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