Participant Perspective and the Mixed Methods Approach

What did you think of the length of each survey instrument? Was there a point at which you began to feel tired or paid less attention to the items? What did you think of the open-ended questions? Were they clear? Did they seem leading? Did they seem concise or too wordy? Did you prefer completing the closed questions (or multiple-choice questions) or the open-ended questions? Why? Which methodology do you believe is most useful in the examination of each variable/construct? Why? How might this experience influence you when designing your own research? The proposal needs to include: A statement as to the problem the research study will address as well as justification and evidence to verify that the problem exists.. Remember the problem statement should reflect your degree type (applied or theoretical) A purpose statement that outlines how you will address the problem. A list of the research questions, including hypotheses if a quantitative or mixed study. A description of the research methodology you have chosen (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, or mixed) and a justification as to why this approach is best suited to address the problem and answer the specific research questions. A discussion on the research design you have proposed (e.g., case study, quasi-experimental, etc.) and a justification as to why this design is the best choice and aligns with other aspects of the study. A description of the data collection process, with justifications, to include a discussion of the following: Overview of the population and sampling technique, Instruments used (e.g., survey, interview protocol), and Overview of process for collection and any challenges you envision. A brief discussion of the proposed analysis techniques with justification on alignment of techniques with problem, purpose, and questions. A brief discussion of how reliability and validity (or trustworthiness) will be maintained. A brief discussion of the limitations and ethical considerations, including how limitations, biases, and ethical considerations will be addressed.

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