Passenger and Cell Phone Conversations in Simulated Driving please answer to this 6 question. 1. Describe how well you think the sample of participants in this study generalizes to other groups of people. 2. In this study, participants were told to have a conversation about a time when “their lives were threatened.” Do you think that the results of this study would be different if the conversation were about something else? How so? Why? 3. Do you think that the findings from this study would generalize to other cultures? Do you think that samples of college students in Mexico, Italy, and Germany would generate similar results? Why or why not? 4. How well do you think the driving simulator generalizes to real-world driving? What would you change to improve the generalizability of the simulator? 5. Evaluate the internal validity of this study. Explain your answer. 6. Evaluate the external validity of this study. Explain your answer.

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