Past Vs Present: Consumption practices for wedding in the East

Essays have to prove that you have thorough knowledge of both concepts related to consumption and empirical studies of the chosen topic, so research of literature is crucial for a successful evaluation. The essay should not be just a summarization of existing literature, but should answer a research question or address a problem related the themes studied during the course. You should use at least 7 academic texts for your essay. These texts should be not be compulsory readings for the course. These texts can be theoretical (provide you with a theoretical concept), or empirical (academic studies of research phenomena). The essay should be a formal piece of academic writing. You should consistently reference to literature you are using (any attempts to plagiarism will lead to evaluation F and discussion with an ethical board) and provide the list of the cited literature at the end of the essay. The assignment itself is very broad – you may choose any topic related to consumption. I would like to approve the topic during consultations to make sure that your research question is narrow enough to answer successfully in an essay of this length.

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