Performance in Global Contexts: Asia Essay Prompt and Grading Rubric

This 3-4 page, double-spaced essay requires a clear, argumentative thesis developed through a close reading of The Origin of Kala. Your thesis should respond to the following question: In The Origin of Kala, the Dalang performs multiple roles—he serves as a narrator, a puppet master, an incarnation of Wisnu, Batara Guru, and a character within the play itself. Select a moment, line, or brief exchange in one scene in The Origin of Kala and elaborate on one larger religious, social, political, or artistic significance of the Dalang’s roles. In other words, why is the Dalang there? A “close reading” uses one moment from the scene, analyzing, among other things, its placement in the rest of the play, dialogue, word choice, and characterization. Essays will be evaluated for argumentation, organization, and style (see grading rubric on the following page). Some guiding questions that might help you: § Who is the Dalang? § What does the Dalang do as a performer? § How does the Dalang perform his parts? Parameters: • 3-4 pages (a minimum of 3 full pages and a maximum of 4 full pages), double-spaced; 12-point font, 1-inch margins • Use MLA guidelines for in-text citations • “3-4 pages” means that the paper should end somewhere on the fourth page. If the paper ends at the top of your third page, it is not a “3-page paper.” • No outside sources should be used in this essay.

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