Personal Nutrition Assessment and Recommendations Comparison

*This assignment requires documenting a 3-day diet record. Give yourself ample time to complete this assignment. This assignment will give you hands-on experience in using a three-day diet record and interpreting its results. Use the online MyFitnessPal (MFP), available at: After recording everything you eat and drink for three typical days, you will be able to export and print reports Discuss: Any difficulties you had with using food records and how these difficulties might be overcome in the future. How close you came to the DRIs. What changes would you like to make to improve your diets? Any areas of concern that the diet analysis brought to light, including any social barriers to eating well and recording intake. How caloric intake relates to caloric expenditure estimated in Homework #2 (Chapter 6) Submit your three-day diet record with your assignment (save and upload as PDF document) along with your answers to the discussion questions.

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