Planned Parenthood

This community project focuses on attitudes and beliefs found in a program or service center of your choice. Once you have identified this center from the suggested list below, your job will be to evaluate the attitudes and beliefs you find represented in this program or service center and describe how it aligns with your own personal values and beliefs regarding health and wellness. Please follow directions below. 1. Introduction: Describe the setting you chose and the service provided. (you may interview a member of this agency/setting if you are unfamiliar with what is provided here). 2. Assess the underlying attitudes and beliefs about health and wellness this setting holds. (sometimes what is written and what you see is different) For example a senior setting that provides group socialization and activities, but serves processed food and canned vegetables and fruit, instead of fresh. What does this say about what the agency believes about physical health? 3. How does this setting align with your own beliefs of health and wellness? 4. Conclusion: What changes would you make to improve this setting and its services? 1. The 4 videos provided for you all address in one way or another the difficulty of quality care and access for all. Each presenter has a unique view to offer. Please choose the presenter you can most relate to and describe what their message is to you. Please address how this affects you personally, in your family and in your community

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