Pornography: History, Education, and Religious Studies

Select one of the topics listed below and develop a paper that analyzes issues of human sexuality from multidisciplinary perspectives, must be within the U.S. Apply concepts from three distinctly different disciplines of human study to analyze the particular phenomenon, see listing below one from each column. Incorporate theoretical frameworks, theoretical constructs and other “explanations” that have been used by these disciplines to create a perspective that will provide a possible “explanation” for the issue. This should be the way the discipline approaches the topic, it should not be a listing of findings. For example do not give a historic account of the topic but rather how historians synthesize the historical significance of the phenomenon. This is a thesis driven paper, you will need a problem statement then a thesis that offers a solution to the problem. The last part of the paper is reflective. Beside the essay itself, I need an outline that consist of Thesis, Outline and Journal Article Citation. I’ll discuss more detail after I hire you as my writer.

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