Practical 3: Blue-White Selection and ?-galactosidase assay Part 1 – Blue-white selection of pUC8 vector with insert

Pre-laboratory Questions – fist page of the attachment which is 8 question, answer will be on the same attachment in this section no word count lots of page required as long as all question has been answered correctly due date for this part is on the 07/09/2016 par two: lab report for the same attachment due on the 12/09/2016 Laboratory report requirements: ? Introduction ?Aims You need to summarise what’s in the manual not just repeat them word for word. ? Methods (rewrite as in a journal article – so needs to be in past tense and passive voice) ? Results,,,please note that the result ready with me yet, which i will try to provide before the due date ? Discussion ? Conclusion(s) ? Reference list.

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