Write a press release of between 350 and 375 words. Be particularly mindful of the lead. What is the essential information you should include? The CEO’s comments should be included, but not in their entirety. Consider paraphrasing what he said and using part of the quote. Do not use the “we” or “I” voice. Instead, write in news story fashion. This enhances credibility because it makes you appear neutral. Of course, you are an advocate, but you don’t want to make that obvious. It’s crucial that you be forthcoming and reasonably candid. However, do not be severely critical. Remember, you are trying to repair damage to the company’s image. There is also confidential information, such as the fact that the first group of affected consumers was financially compensated, that you should not disclose. Be sure to write using the proper format. The word count does not include contact info or the headline.

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