Prevention Program: Final Presentation Assignment

Create a small prevention program that could be implemented at a health fair, at a workplace, or in a school. The goal of this assignment is to articulate the social, biological, and psychological consequences of addictive behaviors to an at-risk population and contextualize issues of addiction in historical and social frameworks. For this presentation, you will present your complete prevention program. The presentation should include 7–10 slides (not counting title slide and references slide) with speaker notes to address the following topics: Population that is at risk Addiction and the effects that this addiction has on the individual, family, workplace, and community A look at the history and social frameworks of this addiction and the at-risk population Where is the best place to implement this program? How will you measure success for this prevention program? Could you apply this prevention program within your real life and community? If so, will you, and if not, why not? An effective presentation will include: Dynamic formatting of the slides Appropriate images, charts, graphs, and so on Clean bullets points that do not give too much information per slide Use of the speaker notes section to clearly define the bullets of the slide and provide the reference to cited material note: you may build on the short presentation you last completed.

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