Profile of a Sacred Space Temple of Heaven complex,Beijing,China

In your essay, you should include: 1) General Description – Why was it built? Is its location significant? 2) Architectural Design – What aspects of its design are unique? What engineering techniques are significant? How was the space designed for its function? 3) Harmony with Nature – How is the building (or the site as a whole) oriented? Do the cardinal directions play a role? Is the design related to astronomy? Are natural elements or materials used? Was sunlight considered when making the space? 4) Symbolism – Are there religious symbols? Do shapes have special meaning? 5) Sacred Objects – What objects are held within the space? Are there relics? 6) How was this space originally used by worshipers? How did they practice their rituals? How is it used today? 7) Compare your sacred space with Chartres Cathedral. Find at least two similarities and two differences. Discuss how these similarities and differences relate to the function of these spaces. Your two spaces obviously support different religions, so this difference should not be one of your answers. This should be written as a 1200 word essay. Post the profile and image(s) of your sacred space when you have checked the rubric and are sure you have met all requirements. You are responsible for citing your sources, and using appropriate sources. Please read Finding Good Sources and Plagiarism (under Assignments – left menu).

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