Psychological Impacts of Nature on Happiness, Growth & Development

Students will complete a written scientific literature research paper based on their chosen topic and specifically about what is new in the research/development of their topic. Primary literature sources should be published after 2000. This could be a treatment, a cure, new information found about the disease/disorder, etc. The research paper should NOT include ANY background information unless it is absolutely vital to an explanation of the new findings. This paper is about NEW, cutting edge research. You will explain the background information on your topic during your oral presentation. Remember, you need to have a clear focus on your subtopic, since you only have a maximum of 1000 words. Your paper must be well researched with scientific, peer-reviewed journals making up the bulk of your references. It should be an example of your best efforts at written communication. Part of your grade will be based on form, style, and grammar, while the content of your report will carry the heaviest weight towards your grade. The length of the write-up should be approximately 3 pages Minimum of 750 words not to exceed 1000 within the body of the paper, 12pt. times new roman or arial font, double spaced, and word processed. Your sources must be diverse! You must have at least 5 peer-reviewed journal sources. Beyond this you may have maximum of 2 can be from a online only website, maximum of 2 books and a maximum of 2 secondary literature resources such as magazines. However, do not feel you need to use books/magazines unless you wish. You must have the bulk of your references from primary literature articles. You may have NO Wikipedia resources! If you use multiple pages from a single website, it is still considered just one website-one source. When you access journals from the library through the internet, these are considered NON-WEB resources because they are simply electronic versions of hard copy papers that have been published in paper form elsewhere. Most libraries know store journal articles in electronic form. A “web” resource, is a website that does not exist in a published, printed format anywhere. If you access an electronic copy from a library database, treat it as a journal – do not put any info on what database you accessed it from.

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