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Course Assessment: Individual Written Assignment. The current era is characterized by the abundance of information and numerical data, the analysis of which leads executives to conclusions and in business decisions. The subject of the assignment is to analyze, using appropriate quantitative methods, the data you collect (if you wish from your work environment) related to a particular business problem. The assignment will be approximately 2,000-3,000 words (excluding graphs and tables). A sample structure of the paper is as follows: Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction (organization, business activities, department you work, introduction to the problem you intend to analyze, etc.) 2. Collected data (source of data, types of data, sampling method, population coverage, units of measurement, other information, etc.) 3. Empirical analysis (quantitative methods you will use to check your assumptions, alternative methods of analysis, empirical results, presentation of results, interpretation of results, comments, etc.) 4. Conclusions (discussion of results in relation to the problems analyzed, conclusions, recommendations to management, proposed further analysis, etc.) The numbering of Chapters & Paragraphs should follow the numeric system, e.g.: 1. 2. 2.1. 2.2. 3. etc. Evaluation criteria are the understanding of the methods, their correct choice in relation to the problems you analyze, and the familiarity in use of computer software. Particular attention will be given to the originality of the problem and the structure and presentation of your work which must have a business report style. The weights of individual criteria are the following: Introduction: 20%, Data: 30%, Analysis: 30%, Conclusions: 20%

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