Reflection 2: Finding Religion Within Popular Culture

There are two parts to this reflection that you need to do for full credit. Part 1) Looking at religion from this perspective, how is the fake “Church of No-Shopping” as seen in our video clip (“What Would Jesus Buy?”) actually authentically “religious”? The “church of no shopping” is the pseudo church that is being talked about in the clip that is trying to target Christmas consumerism. This pseudo church is featured in the trailer, but notice how they are acting religious. Not just in form, but in content. What are their main concerns? Can these be religious? What is religion then? Part 2) You were just invited by the United Nations to talk about how American politics were “religious.” Using the concepts from Chapter 9 of our Clark and Stanton textbook, such as logos, identity, meaning, etc, what would you say? Initial post (400 word minimum) and 1 response post (200 word minimum) due March 23, 11:59pm. (Arizona time) Put response under reflection. Response is what your personal thoughts are on the assignment. They must be double-spaced, with one-inch margins and 12 point font. The following are acceptable fonts: Arial, Times, or Times New Roman.

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