Religion taught in public schools, why it shouldn’t be

It is 11:50 pm in my location and i will need a PERSUASIVE speech done by next morning. In other words it has to be done in less than 7 hours. Studybay does not allow me to choose december the 6th as a deadline date but I would very much appreciate if it could be finished by 7 a.m. central time. I know that this is a short notice for all you writers but i am still hoping to get a good deal. So my assignment is to prepare a speech for why religion should not be taught in public schools. This is an opinion based speech so there is a lot of liberty for the writer to decide why religion should not be taught in public schools. The essay needs to be told as if speaking to an audience, so 1st person. And to make sure there isnt any misunderstandings, this isnt a speech meant to bash or disrespect religion or beliefs, it is only meant to express an opinion and to persuade an audience too. The ideal structure for the speech would be for an introduction, 3 subtopics/chapters, and a conclusion. Also, the speech does not have to be very long but it should last at least 3 minutes when reciting it. The details that i inputed say that i want a 1250 word essay in APA format but really i do not care whether it is in APA or MLA. It does need to have 2 sources, however, they could be peer reviewed or website sources, your call. Also, this isnt a formal essay so formal speech isnt required. I apologize for the short time limit on this speech but i am sure that there are very capable writers that could do this. P.S. to the writer that accepts this paper, It is late for me and i will likely be asleep when you complete and upload the paper but rest assured, i will confirm the payment as soon as i wake up in the morning, thank you.

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