report for design website for an organisation/service which has real-world relevancy to Tourism industry

Your task is to design and build a bespoke website for an organisation/product/service which has real-world relevancy to your degree – this organisation will be known as your case study. You may choose either an hypothetical case study (for example, for a business opportunity which you would like to develop in the future) or an actual case study (for example, somewhere you work, but you must agree this with your tutor and also with the organisation). When you are designing your website, you will need to acknowledge the relevant areas of marketing which have been discussed in the first Semester (for example the products/services/experiences on offer, price and availability, and philosophy) and enable the customer to search the site and make a booking. In order to do this, you will need to consider the ‘website mix’ (the 7 Cs principles) which will be presented to you at the beginning of Semester 2: Context, Commerce, Connection, Communication, Content, Community and Customization. You should use the six workshops as indicated in the module outline above to work on your website design with your tutors. Full attendance at these workshops (6 x 2 = 12 hours) is crucial to assessment success. You should think carefully, and strategically, about your case study choice – website design skills are highly marketable. You are recommended to choose something which will help you with your career development, for example the work you do could be used to develop a business idea for the future or provide support for a job application. You are also required to write a critical commentary justifying the design of your website, and explaining how you have used marketing principles in your design. Your commentary of 1000 words should appear on a separate web page within your website. Your website design is worth 60% of the marks and the supporting commentary is worth 40%, so you need to complete both effectively in order to achieve an appropriate mark.

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