Research Paper – How a Anomaly Based – IDS (Intrusion Detection System) can secure your data

Each student will be asked to create a research paper explicitly related to the text material. The report should begin with a clear definition of the purpose and scope of the research. The paper is to present new material not already covered in the textbook. This will entail finding a topic, and researching a little deeper to uncover new information. The selected research topic must be submitted for approval. Most of the research should be done on the Internet, although books and printed journals may also be used. The final report should follow this outline and be in APA format: Cover Page Introduction/Abstract Body of Paper Summation/Conclusion Bibliography/Resource Page Limit: 3 or more sources. No fewer than 4 pages. and no more than 6 pages, not counting the cover page or the bibliography/resource page. The report may be double-spaced. Please use Times New Roman font size 12. The report should be submitted in the session it is due.

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