Research Paper: Scholarly Critique, Evaluation, & Sources Summary (APA Style Annotated Bibliography)

I’m going to send you a pdf of my Essay and my four peer reviewed research articles located at the bottom of the page in my pdf to guide you on this assignment. I need this done in 6 hours. any question lmk my teacher is strict asf so I need this to be super perfect and on point. I’ll pay you good so you can know im serious. I need this done correctly, my professor will check all of the paper!! and she is hardcore. here is the instruction of the assignment. Annotated Bibliography Assignment For this assignment you will need to use your four peer reviewed research articles related to your topic of choice for your literature review paper. An Annotated Bibliography will help you organize your research and easily refer back to your information. In order to annotate you will need to do the following: A statement of your research topic (this needs to be listed only once at the top of the page) The reference of each article you are summarizing (in perfect APA format) A short summary of the source (between 250 – 300 words; do NOT exceed 300 words per annotation). Include the following information: What is the research article about? What is the hypothesis of the research? How did they conduct their research (describe the participant sample and research methods)? What were the results? Was the hypothesis supported? What are the author’s conclusions (i.e. what do they think of their research and any new directions for this line of research)? YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS FORMAT FOR ALL 4 RESEARCH ARTICLES. Your bibliography must begin with the reference in perfect APA format. Then you can follow the reference with the summary. You will do this format for all FOUR articles – reference first then the summation of the article. Points will be deducted for NOT using APA format for your references and for not addressing steps 1 through 3 noted above in a clear and concise fashion. Please remember that this is an opportunity for me to review the progress you have made on doing the background research for your literature review, on reading your articles, and for you to get a strong start on the literature review paper. Here is a link to a great resource to help you see how to set up your annotated bibliography Do your best I need an A+, help me in this and you”ll be well rewarded. Remember this isnt an essay, it is a annotated Bibliography Assignment. Read instructions carefully. Remember No Quotes, write in your own words. This needs to be perfection at its finest.

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