Research Report Brief and Instructions

Research Report Brief and Instructions

REPORT – Details About Topic Provided in First Tutorial

You are required to write up a study in the format of an APA Style Psychology Research Report. See an example here.

The topic under investigation and the experiment to write up will be outlined in the first tutorial.

  • Word Limit is 1,500 words
  • Double-spacing
  • 12-point font
  • Times New Roman font
  • Margin of 2.5 cm

The word limit includes in-text referencing but does not include the reference list at the end, nor tables and figures, abstract or title page (abstract is limited to 120 words, it is in addition to the 1500 word limit).


Reports must be submitted online via Turnitin which can be accessed in iLearn.  Your assignment will be automatically compared to work of other students in this unit, previous students in this unit and at other universities, as well as material available on the Internet in subscription-based journal format or otherwise freely accessible information.  The results of the analysis will be sent only to the unit chair and tutoring staff, who will analyse the results in reference to the University’s standard policy on academic honesty.

Penalties will be levied for late submission of assignment and for exceeding word limits:

Penalties for late submission: Late submissions, without an approved extension, will receive a 5% per day penalty including weekends and public holidays. For this assignment, worth 40%, this means that every day late will result in the loss of 5% (0.05) x 40 = 2 marks from the total mark (40) for the assignment. If you submit the assessment task 10 days or more beyond the due date, you will be awarded a maximum of 50% of the overall assessment marks. No further submissions will be accepted after the marked assignments are returned and feedback is released to students.

Penalty for exceeding word limit: 5% of the possible mark will be deducted per 100 words over the word limit for the assessment task. An additional 99 words beyond the limit can be written without penalty. This means that for this assignment that is worth 40%, a 5% penalty will result in the loss of 5% (0.05) x 40 = 2 marks from the total mark (40) for the assignment.


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