Respond to ONE of the following questions in a well-developed essay

A clear introduction, which should include: The title of the essay to which you are responding, the author, and the author’s main point; a 3-4 sentence summary of the essay to which you are responding, and YOUR thesis (which should technically answer the question to which you are responding); A minimum of 3 body paragraphs that include details and examples to explain and support your thesis, and a conclusion, that reflects on what you have written about and brings the essay to a close. Beth Johnson’s essay “Bombs Bursting in Air” demonstrates how life’s unexpected tragedies can seem devastating and insurmountable when they occur, but people must courageously live on, recognizing that even these misfortunes are part of life’s greater mystery and beauty. Write a narrative essay telling the story of a single “bomb” in your life and how that bomb impacted your life. Maybe it changed you or taught you a life lesson. Use description in your narrative.

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