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Like the great classical composers Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, there are a few supreme rock and roll artists who will be remembered 200, 300, and even more years from now. It is generally acknowledged that Elvis and The Beatles will be at the top of that list…Elvis, because he was simply the one who started it all (along with his stellar talent) and The Beatles because of their profound importance to the revitalization of rock and roll, their innovativeness, and of course great influence upon generations of rock artists. With this discussion you will identify THREE additional rock and roll artist who you think will indeed stand the test of time hundreds of years from now. Here are the directions…. 1. NOT including Elvis or The Beatles, Identify at least THREE rock and roll artists from THREE different decades in rock history who you think will be remembered through the ages. Make sure you choose from 3 different decades anywhere from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll (the ’50s) up through today. Also, all artists MUST be Rock and Roll artists. 2. Explain why you believe each artist will stand the test of time. Consider their entire musical output, influence, and even their beliefs and/or supported causes. You must be convincing in your argument. Don’t just list your favorite artists, unless you truly believe they will be remembered hundreds of years from now. Keep in mind that a large majority of rock artists will more than likely be lost in the stars…forgotten forever. As an example…after reading your discussions, a significant amount of you never even heard of Jerry Lee Lewis, who next to Elvis was perhaps the greatest rock and roll master from the golden age! That was just a mere 60 years ago too!

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