Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce: A Survey Study

Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce: A Survey Study General Notes 1- The paper is different than a report. Any paper must include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, literature Review, Methodology, Results, Conclusions and references. Try to rearrange your paper according to these sections. 2- Citation in each paragraph. Abstract – In Abstract, first you must talk about the problem then illustrate the objective or the purpose of your paper and how did you achieve it. Introduction 1- Write about E-Commerce and finally talking about privacy and security in E-Commerce not about E-Commerce in general. 2- Try explain what you will do in your paper. Literature Review – In this section, you must describe and illustrate what researchers did in this field. And how your paper will be different than the others. Methodology Explain the Security and Privacy in E-Commerce and try using some techniques or something like this. And also try to mention the problems of those two issues facing e-commerce. Results – In Result Section, try to compare among Security and Privacy techniques regarding to E-Commerce. And mention which techniques is the most effective one. – Usually results represented as Tables or charts Conclusions References

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