security on wireless networks. I need project report and ppt presentation

Please read file attached to this file we are dealing with VANET(vehicular adhoc network) which is one of the type of networks in wireless network. the main aim of the project is to address an application in VANET which is location tracking in vehicles. location tracking is nothing but tracking the location of the vehicle. you should address a problem which occurs in location tracking and give a methodology to solve that problem, algorithm for the solution, and then the final solution. the problem may be like — In vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET), it is possible to locate and track a vehicle based on its transmissions, during communication with other vehicles or the road-side infrastructure. This type of tracking leads to threats on the location security of the vehicle’s user. in this project we should mention the solution for the problem of providing location security in VANET by allowing vehicles to prevent tracking of their broadcast communications. you should mention the methodology and solution for the vehicles which donot want their vehicle’s information to be tracked.

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