Should New Drugs Be Given To Patients Outside of Clinical Trials?

***Final Paper is a philosophical analysis of the same bioethical issue from your presentation, which is from the content of the second half of the semester (Levine’s book), based on ethical theories studied in class, 5-7 full pages, double space, font Times New Roman, 11 or 12, with 1” margin on all sides. You can carry on your philosophical analysis of the side you chose in your presentation, either the YES or the NO side, but you cannot repeat the same thing that you had in your presentation. Final Papers should focus on philosophical analysis of arguments (of the side you chose) based on ethical theories we studied in class. Students should also choose an outside, scholarly source on their topic and integrate their findings in their paper. Please follow MLA. Deadline is December 2, Sunday, night. You should upload your Final Paper on Turnitin the way you did for all other course work. All files should be MS Word and file name should have your full name and the course work. If I were to submit it, my file name would be

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