Software Reliability Assessment through a Metrics Analysis for Allocation Resources

paper need to have the following format need to be 1.0 .abstract and 2.0 Introduction – figures if any pl included 3.0 Literature survey (APA format) – figures if any pl included 4.0 Scope and plan of study also survey plan – figures if any pl included 5.0 data collection – figures if any pl included 6.0 data analysis – figures if any pl included 7.0 results and discussions including study as well as survey – tables to be included– figures if any pl included 8.0 relationships like graphs and 9.0 Conclusions 10..0 Further work suggested and 11. References at least 10 ( APA format) ———————————The IEEE defines reliability as “The ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time.” To most project and software development managers, reliability is equated to correctness, that is, they look to testing and the number of “bugs” found and fixed. While finding and fixing bugs discovered in testing is necessary to assure reliability, a better way is to develop a robust, high quality product through all of the stages of the software lifecycle. That is, the reliability of the delivered code is related to the quality of all of the processes and products of software development; the requirements documentation, the code, test plans, and testingReliability is a by-product of quality, and software quality can be measured. We will demonstrate how these quality metrics assist in the evaluation of software reliability. We conclude with a brief discussion of the metrics being applied by the SATC to evaluate the reliability

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