Temperament in early childhood and the development of anxiety and depression

1) Begin with a formal introduction that introduces that topic of study, addresses knowledge positive and knowledge deficit, provides a roadmap for the paper, and clearly states your hypothesis or argument (thesis) as the last line of the introduction. IF you have used a research question in your proposal, this MUST be rephrased as a thesis statement In thesis: should be clear WHY your topic is relevant in the field of child development Should include citations where necessary to substantiate your statements 2) The next section (beginning of body of paper) will broadly discuss the issue you have chosen and its significance in the field of child development. Define the KEY TERMS as you will use them (e.g., period of development, FASD, obesity) 3) The rest of the body of the paper will focus on examining your issue from multiple perspectives using empirical literature and providing evidence for your thesis. Demonstrate thorough critical reflection and analysis – this is your paper and you are “at the wheel” ? Linear [acceptable] vs. Complex [best] ? Description to provide Context but primarily Critical Analysis ? Use appropriate (but not excessive) headings and subheadings for clarity ? Use adequate empirical sources to substantiate your assertions 4) In the “Personal Reflections” section (approximately 1 page – 1 ½ pages max) you should discuss: ? 1) How or if your personal theory of childhood has evolved (e.g., use in-class reflections activity) throughout the class ? For instance, did you view certain aspects of childhood development differently at the beginning of the course from the theoretical perspective (or not) and WHY is the case (rationale)? ? 2) How is your personal theory connected to your topic? ? 3) Personal reflection on the topic as a whole and your analysis of it ? This CAN (but does not have to be) tied to your personal experiences or those of others you know ? Can reflect on your interest in the topic (why) and how you might apply in daily life (for others and/or yourself) ? In other words, tie this section to your beliefs, experiences, and worldview 5) In the Conclusions section (approx ½ page) ? Tie your findings together, discuss the possible limitations of your paper, and provide possible areas/directions for future research in field 6) Use APA (6th edition) formatting and referencing style (no mercy!) ? See the APA Manual of Style – 6th edition or the Owl Purdue APA website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/) ? Sample APA list in BBLearn (General Resources) ? NOTE: No abstract required ? Include a minimum of FIVE peer-reviewed sources (journal articles) in your paper ? These will be used to substantiate your arguments and assertions throughout the papers as in-text citations ? Must be correspondence between the in-text citations and “References” section ? Can use the textbook, websites, reports by organizations, movies (etc), but do not count as sources and must be cited correctly in-text/in reference list ? Include DOI’s (digital object identifiers) in reference list ? Try searching article title online or using http://www.crossref.org/guestquery/ ? If no DOI available, write as: “Retrieved from [insert name of general journal website]” ? Try forward/backward search method to find literature

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