The Effect of Perioperative Restrictive Fluid Therapy on Postoperative Edema and Ecchymosis in Rhinoplasty

1. Identify the main research question(s) of the study. 2. Review and discuss the Methods section of each article follow the sub-sections below: a. Identify the study design. b. Report the sample size, power, and sampling methods used. c. Report the variables (indicators) explored/analyzed in the study. a. Independent/Predictor/Explanatory. Quantitative/Qualitative. b. Dependent/Response/Outcome. Quantitative/Qualitative. 3. Write a summary paper 1 to 2 pages in length in MS Word format. Include the purpose of the article and the most relevant findings. 4. Add a citation for the journal article at the top of the review using the American Psychological Association’s (APA) format.

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