The family law system encourages parents to try and agree on arrangements for their children without having to go to court.’ Is the approach of avoiding the court necessarily the best outcome? Critically discuss and refer to appropriate literature, legis

How to draft a killer legal memorandum Caroline Mense, Lawyer, August 15 2015 Law Students and Young Lawyers, a well written memorandum can make or break your early legal career. Here are four tips to sharpen your writing style. Tip 1: Be clear  Identify the issues you are researching and flag the order you will discuss each topic. This helps to clearly identify the scope of the research task. Tip 2: Structure Write about the issues in a logical and methodical way. Remember topic sentences and essay structures from university? Well, it applies in the workforce too. Tip 3: Discuss the issues List the legal issues under headings then analyse the issues under each heading. A useful method of discussing legal issues is the I-R- A-C method. This involves: 1. Issue- Identify the legal issue you are investigating. 2. Rule- Discuss how the authorities apply to the issue. Identify the prima facieposition and the permutations of the rules. It is your role to synthesize the information. 3. Application- Apply the rule(s) to the facts of your case. This involves further analysis, distinguishing cases and developing strong counter-arguments. 4. Conclusion- This is a reply to the legal issue. Tip 4: Edit Carefully edit your work. Look for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and concepts that are not bullet-proof. Remember: Be clear, structure your ideas, discuss the legal issues and edit

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