The Fault in Our Stars Film Evaluation Essay

Film Evaluation You will be writing a thesis-driven essay of 1,000 to 1,200 words. This essay will be an evaluation of the film which you have already pitched to the class and written about in class. This essay will attempt to address what makes your movie good or bad. While this essay will begin in opinion, you will have to try to prove your argument as objectively as possible. Your evaluation will consist of three parts: An introduction, which concludes with the thesis statement Some number of body paragraphs, probably three or four, which each fully addresses a separate issue that supports your thesis A conclusion, which summarizes your paper, restates and proves your thesis, and resolves any outstanding issues in your argument Example topics for your body paragraphs include (but are not limited to): quality of acting, quality of screenplay and dialogue, quality of special effects, quality of music and soundtrack, etc. Invalid topics to address anywhere in your paper include awards that the film won, amount of money the film made, or any other sundry statistics. This is not a film summary. Apart from the film itself, this paper will use no outside sources; the paper will be entirely your own observations, analyses, and conclusions. You will be responsible for a Works Cited page, however. Its singular entry should be a citation for the film you are discussing. Give your essay a title (using the correct format). The title should say something about your essay. The title should not be “Evaluation Essay” or the title of the film you are writing about. Use some creativity here. This essay must be MLA format, with correct headings, font, font size, line spacing, paragraph spacing, margins, and indents. It needs to be uploaded to Canvas as a MS Word document before the start of class on February 15. Do not turn in a hard copy. This essay will be graded for clarity, organization, comprehension of the subject, and strength and support of the thesis statement. It will also be graded on grammar, spelling, formatting, and writing within the assigned word count.

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