The Last-Ditch Attempt to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Can religious freedom and Hobby Lobby block the black snake? By Robinson Meyer

our writing assignment must be saved as a Word document or as a PDF in order to be uploaded correctly to Canvas.PDFs cause the least problems.2)You
must use standard formatting, which means that your paper must be double spaced, with 12pt font, and standard margins. In addition, if you justify the
margins it will make your paper look more professional.(Please note that footnotes are automatically inserted at 10pt font and single spaced, which is fine.
This is standard.)3)Your name and the date must appear somewhere at the top of the paper.4)Always insert page numbers somewhere in the header or
footer, especially if your paper is morethan one-page long.5)Be sure to answer every part of the question if it has multiple parts. This is not a research paper,
so you do not need to incorporate additional sources, aside from the assigned scholarly readings. Your response shouldremain focused on answering each
part of the question as directly and explicitly as possible. No parts of the question should remain unanswered. Explain your rationale and elaborate your
responses as you answer each question. Try to do this systematically.6)You must cite the assigned scholarly readings (and notjust the shorter media
articles)for every paper. You only need to cite the scholarly readings assigned in the current or previous Module, and perhaps occasionally the media sources
when it appropriate. You should not be citing anything else in these assignments, unless explicitly instructed to do so.7)All citations must appear as footnotes
and follow theChicago Manual of Style(CMS),which is available online. A link isprovided under the “Study Resources & Guides”heading in the Course
Community Module inCanvas.You should probably have around 1-3 footnotes per page, depending on what you are saying.This is a rough guideline in terms
of establishing expectations.8)If you choose to include direct quotationsin your paper, thenyoumust citethem appropriately as footnotes. Otherwise, it is
plagiarism. See #6 and #5above.9)Explain where the information comes from and attribute it to its source, rather than simply makingassertions that you
have not verified. For example, explain that “the journalist reports that… … …such and such thing happened,”or “… … …such and such thing is the
case.”Similarly, explain that a particular scholar from the assigned scholarly readings expressed a certain opinionor made a certain argument. Then,you can
explain your thoughts about it, irrespective of what they are

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