the main events that happened in the UK (you have to choose a year)

British culture Cultural portfolio 1. You need to outline and explain what you consider to be most significant ‘big’ events that had an impact on the wider cultural context that took place during your selected year . 2. You need to draw out other key cultural things that also took place during that year, MUST include about all of these topics: sport, movies, literature, music, fashion trends, politics. (must talk about every topic listed above) 3. Offer a discussion section that aims to explain why the events you mention were significant. 4. Use supporting images and graphics from your internet searches 5.Remember •Do not select a lot of events and cultural things. •Focus on one year only. •You need to discuss the significance and/or impact of key events Tips: The level of English must be upper intermediate. Include credible more than 5 references and appropriate. Use appropriate 4 pictures and reference them. Its all about the British culture and only the British culture.

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