The Relevance of Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Research

Overview: There are three Research Paper Critiques required for this course. Each Critique is comprised of two components: a research paper supplied by the instructor and a student-written critique of that article. Preparation: Please read the entire research paper posted for this assignment. While reading the research paper think critically, i.e, search for the problem addressed, identify the hypothesis, and determine if the research method is appropriate. Format: A 6 page double-spaced paper in APA format ( Please note that an abstract is not required. The critique must be written in paragraph format. Please do not handle the questions in a bulleted Q and A format. Content: Ensure that your narrative is well-developed and efficiently answers the items below in the suggested order: 1) What is the basic “problem” addressed? Note: This answer should not exceed 5 -7 lines. 2) Summarize the solution(s) proposed by the author(s). 3) Discuss whether or not you agree that the solution(s) resolved the problem. 4) What specific connections/activities do you see in your professional work that directly relate to the suggestions made in this paper. If you are not gainfully employed – what do you envision a hypothetical enterprise/organization would definitely implement form this paper. 5) Using the resources from this class and other peer reviewed articles as support, discuss what you would have done differently, make some suggestions on how the authors could improve the study, propose some ideas for further research, and illustrate your best critical thinking skills.

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